Biketap smart reflector
Biketap smart reflector prototype design

Bringing Back the Forgotten Bike Reflectors
with a Modern Touch

Biketap is the world's first smart bicycle light reflector. Through built-in sensors it constantly records the cyclist's speed, altitude, traveled distance and terrain difficulty and transmits it to his smartphone when it is needed.

About Biketap

Said in other words Biketap is an intelligent speedometer in the form of a bicycle light reflector. Biketap provides data about speed, altitude, terrain difficulty and distance. As a personal fitness tracker Biketap records and stores data about the cyclist's hourly, daily and monthly ridings and routes. It evaluates their difficulty level and makes improvement proposals. It is always on. That being said you don't have to turn it on from a button or a smartphone, thus making measurements all the time you. It does not have any wires or magnets - thus making it sleek and easy to use. The cyclists can add the measurements of their rims and tyres to enhance the accuracy of the measurements taken by Biketap even more. It transmits the cycling data via bluetooth to the smartphone of the cyclist in a safe manner only when it is needed. It displays the data with an easy to read graphs. Biketap will be integrated with Google fit, Strava and many more apps and platforms and will come with ANT + technology. And last, but not least - its Biketap's battery will run out of juice in more than 6 months of hard riding and thousands of miles.

Biketap smart reflector
Biketap smart reflector prototype design


The early birth price of a Biketap will be 50 euro as we shall not benefit from the early adopters of our smartest light reflector. Instead we think that you are the ones that we need and through you and your feedback we shall improve the product and make it really outstanding.


  • Easy instalation
  • Constantly recording
  • Water, dust and shatterproof
  • CR2032 battery wih 6 months battery life

Reserve a Biketap

You could reserve a Biketap by pressing the button below and thus will be one the first that will receive it. A reservation fee is not needed. We will invite you to purchase Biketap when the product has been fully developed and we made sure that it complies with all your requirements and is what we promised.

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