About Biketap

As devoted daily cyclists we have been always searching for the best bicycles and bicycle accessories on the market.
We have highly valuated the ones that have the right characteristics and have been amazed by the those that are poorly crafted, hard to handle, needlessly expensive and not least - pointless.

For all those years of riding our bicycles we have gained insight of the bicycle industry that we decided to use together with our knowledge in the software and hardware spheres and to create a line of cycling accessories that are truly smart, sleek and useful. To decided to prove our ambitions by creating our first product - a smart bicycle light reflector and thus shed a light upon the long forgotten reflectors with a modern touch.


We envision a future where cyclists roam free and at the same time gather information about their daily activity with just a press of a button. A future where every second with a bike is spent riding, where bicycle accessories' lines are so sleek they fuse with the bike. Elegance and technology would shatter the bike industry and eventually lead to better cycling experience. We believe the future is in user-oriented products, that combine the high-tech environment and the free spirit riding a bicycle stimulates thus connecting the cyclist to his bicycle like never before.


Biketap's mission is to bring back the natural feeling of joy engendered by riding a bike while giving the cyclists more information about their ride. Our mission is to create the perfect accessories for bikes that fit in and stand out only when it is necessary. With our first product - the world's smartest bicycle light reflector, we aim at inspiring a safety first mindset with returning of the lost forgotten light reflectors with a modern touch and technology. We shall give the possibility to our customers to enhance their performance while enjoying the ride. It is our goal to make cycling safe, easy and natural again.


Our main value is the ability to work hard to achieve our goals.
We believe moving perpetually in the desired direction is the ability that stands at the forefront of our activities and makes us feel valuable and effective.

  • Honesty to our clients - We provide qualitative and responsible service by delivering our clients what is promised.
  • Trust - Through honesty and motivation we empower each other within the team. We promise, we deliver.
  • Commitment - Committing to a great product and service experience which has impact within and outside the company.
  • Passion - We are passionate about what we do and focus on every little detail in order to deliver the best customer experience.
  • Innovation - Pursuing new creative ideas that have the potential to become reality
  • Simplicity - This value we believe shall no longer be neglected. Simple Is the new elegant. We aim at high-tech, elegant and effective products and nothing less.